Rode S1 vs Neumann KMS 105 Review

Lately, local condenser microphones have greatly improved from average microphones to high quality sound microphones specially designed for live vocal performance. The modern vocal condenser microphones have been engineered to ensure that you achieve clear vocals while reducing noise. When it comes to the best vocal condenser microphones, then the Rode s1 and Neumann kms 105 will be automatically found in that list. They both come with amazing features that precisely meets various types of vocal needs. This product review will compare the two products to help you arrive at the appropriate microphone than you have been looking for.

Rode Microphones S1

Rode Microphones S1

Neumann KMS 105

Neumann KMS 105









Rode s1

The Rode s1 is specially designed for its purpose as one of the best vocal condenser microphones with interesting features, including professional-quality for stage performance. The mike is free from possible impact during transit or performance and from airborne contaminants, thanks to its hardened mesh head. While not interfering with the mic’s frequency response or sensitivity, the 5-piece mesh head provides the mic with plosive noises, wind, and filtering of breath. The unidirectional supercardioid pickup pattern reduces the susceptibility to feedback and limits background noise. In addition, the frequency response has been engineered and specially designed to ensure that the vocals are clear when one is performing.


  • Manufactured and designed in Australia;
  • Complete with zip pouch and stand mouth;
  • Low handling noise;
  • Low noise circuitry;
  • Ergonomically balanced and weighted;
  • Custom-designed integral screen;
  • High-strength and heat-treated mesh head;
  • Attractive satin-nickel finish;
  • Rugged all-metal construction; and
  • Studio recording quality.

In order to reduce loss over long cable runs, the high-standard output of the Rode s1 comes with additional benefits and is carefully balanced to reject high levels of electromagnetic interference. The s1 will work perfectly well with most mixing consoles that are compatible with its standards, hence it will require P48V phantom supply. On the other hand, the ergonomic design of the Rode s1 ensures maximum comfort that can allow one to control and hold the mike during performance.

Neumann kms 105

Apart from being known as one of the best brands in the market that produce high quality studio microphones, Neumann has an advanced version of their microphones with better standards and can still be purchased at an affordable price. It can be a real pleasure using this mic in a live performance. In addition, it is not only lightweight, but also comes with a luxurious looking design. This microphone can easily eliminate any ‘muffling’ or ‘clouding’ of the sound because no foam is used in the basket. It can also eliminate similar problems common to other handheld vocal condenser microphones. With accurate transient detail and extended frequency response, the kms 105 can offer a superior resolution of the voice, when compared to other handled vocal condenser mics.


  • Complete set with a stand clamp;
  • Effective pop shielding that has no side effects;
  • Supercardioid polar pattern with excellent feedback rejection;
  • Transformerless output;
  • Without off-axis coloration;
  • Excellent transparency for speech/vocals;
  • Neumann sound on stage;
  • Vocal condenser microphone for crystal clear highs deep lows; and
  • Available in black (kms 105 black) and silver (kms 105 silver) finish.

While still allowing for generous sweet, smooth voice when using the microphone, the polar pattern offers the highest degree of isolation. A very high level of gain before feedback is achieved, thanks to the tight supercardioid polar pattern and the coloration-free off axis response. The kms 105 microphone is specially designed to transmit a very detailed capture of the human voice, allowing for accurate representation of clear details found in speech and music since the frequency response characteristic is developed in the acoustic realm.


Comparing the two products above (Rode s1 and Neumann kms 105, respectively), it is clearly evident that the microphones have been made to perform their specific purpose, however much they might look alike. It would be right to say that the kms 105 and the Rode s1 can both be terrible on the wrong vocalists and good on the right ones. In addition, it is important to take note that neither of these microphones is neutral-sounding in case you are looking for a neutral vocal condenser microphone.

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