Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X vs AD700X Review

Audio-Technica is known for producing audiophile headphones at affordable prices. But, since their lineup is so extensive, it can be challenging to choose between models. Therefore, we’ve created this comparison between the ATH-AD500X and the AD700X to help you find the best fit for your needs. Both sets of headphones feature a comfortable, open-back design … Read more

Shure VP83F vs Rode VideoMic Pro Plus Review

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YAMAHA A-S801BL Review

YAMAHA A-S801BL Review A stereo amplifier should be the center of your tech world because your entertainment depends on it. The stereo amplifiers these days are not as simple as they used to be in earlier days- they are now equipped with high-end features like built-in DACs (digital to analog converters), Bluetooth streaming, and USB … Read more

Sony WHCH710N Review

Noise cancelling headphones take the sound to next level and the Sony WH-CH710N are a perfect choice in this regard. These top-notch headphones mute all the ambient sounds and noise from the background so that you get to hear only that sound which you want to. If noise distractions are a problem for you, read … Read more

Martin J-40 vs HD-28 Review

If you have been checking out acoustic guitars, but are not really quite sure which direction you want to go in terms of making an ultimate decision, you may want to opt to check into the Martin line. Martin Standard Series guitars are top-rated and offer superior, professional sound, guaranteed. In this brief article we … Read more

Best Bass Headphones 2020

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Best Closed Back Headphones 2020

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TOZO T6 vs T10 Review

Long gone are the days when you had a cord to worry about when listening to music through headphones or earphones. Today, it’s all about wireless technology. And while you can get some pretty good wireless headphones, they still don’t have the versatility you get with wireless earbuds. Two fine examples of wireless earbuds that … Read more