COWIN E8 vs E9 Review

Headphones have such a wide range of complexities and levels of quality. Whether you’re blasting Black Sabbath or finding the right mix of lo-fi beats, having good equipment ensures that the music comes through just the way you want and need. How do you know you’re getting the perfect headphones? Let’s explore two versions of the Cowin brand for those of you comparing the two so that you can feel confident in your choice.

COWIN E8 [Upgraded] Active Noise Cancelling Headphones


This generation of Cowin noise-canceling headphones comes with soft over-ear protection and quality that blocks noise from a wide variety of sources. The device comes in multiple color options and is adjustable for comfort and looks. The ear cushions even boast a material with “magnetic absorption” to make it durable over time. Bluetooth capabilities allow users to enjoy the audio experience without pesky cords / wires, and the buttons on the sides help with conveniently changing the song, hanging up a phone call, or turning up the volume.

While “noise canceling” is advertised, it is important to note that the noise they are referring to with this model is mainly low frequency noise, like engines in the background or traffic noise. Talking, singing, and nearby chatter can still sneak through and interrupt the flow of music in your ears. Customers mentioned that adjusting the equalizing features on your phone / music source when you first use the headphones can help you get to the right amount of bass or treble for your preferences and help the songs sound better. The rechargeable battery comes with a 20 hour battery life so that you can listen to your song from the time you wake up to the time you go back to sleep. This can be a great set of headphones to get started, especially if you are upgrading from the E7’s, the last generation of Cowin headphones to gain popularity.

COWIN E9 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones


While the newer model of the Cowin headphones come in fewer color options, they have improved listening quality and sound blocking ability. With Bluetooth 5.0, the phone calls and wireless experience is crisper and clearer than with the older model. The headphones are foldable, making them easier to transport on the go, and the soft texture of the ear cushions might even help you fall asleep on the flight. AptX and AptX HD create the ultimate sound experience regardless of what you’re listening to. This includes blocking out talking and nearer noises that the last model seemed unable to eliminate completely.

The look of this newer model is sleek and sophisticated. They are much less blocky than the E8 and therefore potentially better suited for business use. The ear cushions seem to fit much better onto the rest of the frame and look less bulky. E8’s are a bit heavier than E9’s as well, which can impact the long term reactions your neck and ears have to wearing them. As opposed to the E8’s 20 hour battery life, the E9 800mAH battery has a 30 hour life. They are bestsellers for their sleek look and extra comfort.


Many aspects of these headphones overlap because the Cowin 9 is really an adaptation of the previous Cowin 8. Both offer Bluetooth capabilities, comfortable wear, and durability. They also have adapters (both piano and airplane flight adapters) and other accessories that can help you personalize them to fit your individual audio needs. Every source mentions friendly customer service and warranty protection as well, so either way you can feel confident knowing you’ll be taken care of by the company.

In my opinion, the improved features of the Cowin E9’s are worth an investment. The design is much nicer and more professional, plus the portability of the foldable headset makes it easy to travel with. The noise canceling features seem much more effective in the newer model because of the improved technology, so I would lean toward using this product over its predecessor.

Whichever set of headphones you choose, be sure you prioritize your list of requirements to find the perfect pair. Is price the most important? Day-long comfort? Bluetooth speed and clarity? Pay attention to sales and deals offered by the company surrounding new products, or go somewhere to sample the products to see and hear the differences for yourself.

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