Sennheiser E835 vs e935 vs e945 Review

When you need a new microphone for live vocal performances, you soon discover that there are many to choose from. How do you pick the kind you need? Let’s take a look at three dynamic mics from Sennheiser to see which one is the best for you.

Sennheiser E835 Microphone, Pack of 3

Sennheiser E835
Sennheiser E835

We’ll begin with the popular e835, a dynamic cardioid-pattern microphone that’s made for singers, speakers, home studios, stage performances, and churches. It handles high sound pressure levels and rejects feedback so you can shout into the mic and it won’t squeal. It also doesn’t pick up much handling noise, especially with the included shock-mount clip.

The cardioid pickup pattern senses sound from an arc of 131 degrees right in front of the microphone. That’s large enough for one or two singers to share it at the same time. It also works if the speaker or singer starts to wander with the mic.

It’s really a good idea if you can test a mic with your voice before you make a purchase. The e835 gives a presence boost around 5kHz and has clear mid tones. The hum compensating coil keeps vibration sounds to a minimum.

All these features plus the rugged durability of the Sennheiser e835 makes it a perfect first live performance microphone for a lot of vocalists.

More features of the Sennheiser 3-Pack of e835 Microphones:

    • Sennheiser offers a 10-year warranty
    • Comes with standard microphone clip and carrying pouch
    • Sensitivity 2,7 mV/Pa, frequency response 40 – 16000 Hz
    • XLR-3 connector (phantom power)


Sennheiser e935 Cardioid Dynamic Handheld Mic

Sennheiser e935
Sennheiser e935

Why would you choose the Sennheiser e935 mic over the e835? For one, it is even better for live performances in loud environments, especially for female rock singers. This microphone has been a favorite among performers like Avril Lavigne and Florence and the Machine. It makes voices sound warmer and fuller.

Like the e835, the e935 has a cardioid pickup pattern, with excellent feedback resistance and low handling noise. The sensitivity response is a little different from the e835 at 2.8mV/Pa = -51dB. Again, it can be used by up to two vocalists at a time, but its unique sound means both of their voices need to work well with it.

Inside the e935, the mic capsule is shock-mounted with a humbucking coil. In case you’re wondering what that is, here’s the explanation. Instead of a single coil, or wire-wrapped magnet, it’s a double coil where the two halves are wired out of phase with each other. This greatly reduces hums and vibrations and makes the mic pick up your voice instead of noise from being handled. After all, you’re using a microphone so you can be heard clearly through the mix of other sounds.

More features of the Sennheiser e935 Cardioid Dynamic Handheld Mic:

    • Sennheiser offers a 10-year warranty
    • XLR-3 connector


Sennheiser e945 Supercardioid Dynamic Handheld Mic

Sennheiser e945
Sennheiser e945

We’ve arrived at the final Sennheiser microphone in our review, the e945. It’s considered a step up from the e835 because it gives an extra presence boost and has a very clear sound, even in the low ranges. Performers with lower voices tend to love this mic.

The supercardioid pickup pattern is different from the other two we described above. It senses sound from the front of the mic, but in a smaller area. A vocalist needs to keep their position in front of it for best results. While it rejects more sound from the sides, it picks up a small amount from directly behind the mic. To translate all that—the e945 isolates the performer’s voice from other instruments and singers on the sides as well as most room noise, so it’s a great tool for lead vocalists.

The e945 is rugged like the other Senneheiser mics. It has an all-metal construction with a shock-mounted capsule. The capsule has a humbucking coil to reduce vibrations and feedback. The magnet inside the capsule is Neodymium ferrous magnet with boron, which Sennheiser explains as being able to keep the mic’s quality stable through the years even in varying climates.

More features of the Sennheiser e945 Supercardioid Dynamic Handheld Mic:

    • Sennheiser offers a 10-year warranty
    • Comes with carrying pouch and microphone clip
    • Made in Germany



The e835 comes in a three-pack bundle and it’s a great first mic for live performances. It’s durable, give a nice presence boost, and works for everything from preaching sermons to singing ballads. The cardioid pattern means you can place two people to a mic if needed.

The e935 is an excellent dynamic mic for many female vocalists and those who want their voices to sound richer and warmer. It has a cardioid pickup pattern as well, so it can be shared by two singers at once.

The e945 has a tight supercardioid pattern designed for one performer, especially a lead vocalist. It gives a clear sound and boost to lower voices.

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