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SHURE SE215 vs RHA MA750 Review

With the increased use of mobile devices worldwide, the need for quality noise-proof earphones is on the high end. The unlimited number of earphones in the market from different brands does not make it easier for you to select the right product. The SHURE se215 and the RHA ma750 earphones are two brands doing well in the market. But, which of the two is more superior? This comprehensive comparison of the two products should help you pick the right earphone for your specific needs.














Known for its sound signature availed through its acoustic network, the SHURE se215 is enhanced for better response to low frequency with a touch of some warmth; this ensures that you get to enjoy your sounds without any interference. Available in a translucent blue hue, this brand of earphone is designed for high insulation capability.The translucent blue hue, dubbed the Special Color Edition scheme, makes the se215 earphone very fashionable, paired with the cable that is dark gray in color.

It comes with a 46-inch cable used for connection and disconnection to compatible devices in various applications, where shorter cables cannot be utilized. The cableis integrated with a WireForm Fit for optimized functionality.

In order to deliver an improved bass sound with fine details of high quality, the se215 is designed to feature a Dynamic MicroDriver; this ensures that you enjoy listening to your music or videos for memorable experiences. The formable wire is designed to ensure secure placement of the earphones. In order to ensure that the cable is not in the way of the user, they are configured for placement over the ears. The se215 accessory attains comfortable fit because it has the ability to rotate at 360 degrees through the lock-snap mechanism used by the MMCX Connector featured, which is plated using gold.

The earphones are designed for noise-proof with integrated sound isolating sleeves that ensure the listener enjoys comfortable sound only; the sound isolating design eliminates up to 37 decibels of undesired noise. Whether you are on the move, or enjoy listening to music or videos in the comfort of your home, the sound isolation technology is designed to eliminate all noise interference from the environment for great experience.

Other great features of the se215 earphone to consider include its enhanced nozzle angle on a shape considered low-profile for comfortable fitting in the ears, lightweight and ergonomic yet professional design with an aesthetic appeal, a case with a zip for storage purposes and the ability to personalize the accessory. Moreover, it comes in a number of sizes and shapes that feature a Fit Kit Soft, which are flexible sleeves that allow the ear piece to fit gently in the ears for comfort.


Unlike the se215 earphones, RHA ma750 comes with a 3-year warranty and it is designed for enhanced performance and quality. It is made using stainless steel metal of 303F grade that is finely machined. In order to produce clear yet natural sound, the earphones feature a handmade driver that is dynamic. Oxygen-free cable of optimal quality and about 1.35m in length is reinforced into the earphone for enhanced functionality.

The RHA ma750 attains an optimal noise eliminating fit for comfort and excellent production of great sound quality, thanks to its secure yet fitting over the ear configuration, 560.1 drivers, as well as its unique design that is aero phonic.Just like the SHURE se215 earphones, the ma750 earphones by RHA are designed for premium elimination of noise. It is known for its sound signature that is well balanced, quite precise and very articulate with a soundstage that is deep.

Another great feature to look out for in the ma750 earphone accessory is the 10 sets of ear tips made from silicone, dual density and memory foam. The accessory also comes packed with a top notch case for carrying or storing the earphones, a holder for storing the ear tips and a user guide that shows how to use the accessory step by step.


Your personal preferences should come into play when selecting the right finishing color and design of the earphones. Although it is not clear whether the SHURE se215 comes with a warranty, you get to enjoy 3 years warranty with the RHA ma750 earphones. Furthermore, both products ship to any location within the U.S in just 2 days and select areas around the globe, depending on where you make your purchase.The ball is now in your hands to make a choice.


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