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RHA MA750i vs Shure SE215 Review

Choosing a good in-ear headphone, especially if you are faced with two choices can be really stressful sometimes. The RHA MA750i noise isolating earphones and the Shure SE215-K Earphones are really great earphones if you ask me, though sometimes the conflicting features they both share might makes things a little bit difficult when you want to make a choice. So for the sake of helping you understand the features in a simpler manner, here is a breakdown of both earphones and their features.

RHA MA750i

RHA MA750i

Shure SE215-K

Shure SE215-K








RHA MA750i Noise Isolating Premium In-Ear Headphone

The RHA MA750i is a really unique in-ear headphone, with unique features right from the initial design, all up to the sound production. The earphone was made with the consideration of RHA’s aerophonic design in mind, which is the putting together of stainless steel parts for a unique sound production. Apart from the stainless steel enclosure, the RHA MA750i is also made with a pretty fitting hand-made driver that carries an over-ear fit shape. The design of the driver is the secret to the amazing quality sound emitted by the earphone, giving it, the popular choice for an appropriate noise isolation in-ear headphone.

As earlier mentioned, the MA750i earphone is shaped using a high density stainless steel material, about 303F stainless steel; the essence is to enable for a more sensatory performance as well as a more durable sound emission. The RHA MA750i is manufactured alongside a three-button remote control, attached with the cable. This is to enable one have absolute control in the volume level of the earphone; the device is also attached with a microphone located on the cable as well. With the microphone and the button control, one can control the volume of calls as well as music production. A cool aspect of this feature is that the mic and remote function of the MA750i earphone is compatible with Apple devices. In other cases, I was able to test the MA750i with a few recently developed Android devices and I was not surprised when I got the same fantastic results; though with the Android devices, great results is only experienced with newer Android models, software versions as well as applications.

Talking about the RHA’s aerophonic design considered into the final design of the MA750i; the reason for such is to allow for high quality sound flow from the drivers to the ear. The stainless steel shape is gotten from the concept of a trumpet’s bell, a concept that allows for the direct flow of MA series products, enabling a more real sound production at full frequency status.  The RHA MA750i is included with six sets of really thick and comfortable RHA’s ear tips. These ear tips allow for a more comfortable feel when listening to music and help to reduce noise intrusion, making it an appropriate noise isolation fit. They are made with a really soft outer layer for putting away and reflecting outer noise and with a stronger core to disallow sound escape. The RHA MA750i also comes with very soft two sets of memory foam tips, as well two sets of double flange as part of the earphone’s accessories.

A very cool feature of the MA750i, is that it comes with a 3 year warranty; for just an earphone, that’s a really cool deal. Come to think of it, the warranty is actually justified when you consider the amazing ingenuity employed in the production of the MA750i, just so it can produce unparalleled audio quality.

Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones

The first thing you would probably need to consider about the Shure SE215 is the fact that the earphones are made to have different fits, it is not worn in the same manner as the regular earphones or headphones or even the MA750i; in other words, you need to get the perfect fit for your ear if you are to enjoy maximum quality sound.  The Shure SE215 is made with a detachable foldable wire which allows for one to easily replace and fasten it on the body. The earphones are equally made with various sizes of sound insulating sleeves, so as to enable proper noise isolation. The sleeves provide up to about 37db of isolation, as well as helps with customization. From a little research done on loved ones who have equally used the Shure SE215, it was generally concluded that the earphones are perfect for analyzing details in sound emission, making them a good choice for listening to music, where you can get to enjoy intricate details such as the blending of instruments and sound filters, be it bass or treble. Pro musicians have been known to also enjoy the use of the SE215 earphones, as it allows them enjoy deep details of the music being listened to.

Apart from the detachable cables that come with the SE215, it is also available in a clear and see-through black color. The entire packaging comes with a cleaning material or tool, a carrying case for putting away the earphone and a user guide. The RHA MA750i on the other hand does not have these special putting away features.


The RHA MA750i and the Shure SE215-K Earphones are both really great earphones, especially for keeping away outside noise influence and for detailed sound analysis, but at the end of the day, you still need to make a choice right?

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