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CAD U37 vs Blue Snowball Review

Do you like recording sound directly to your PC or computer? Have you ever been faced with the decision of choosing a really good USB microphone for your recording and you had to choose between the CAD U37 and the Blue Snowball USB microphones? This article will help you compare both USB microphones, so you can make a good choice.



Blue Microphones Snowball

Blue Microphones Snowball








CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone

The CAD U37 USB studio recording microphone is unique equipment utilized to record sound directly to a computer or PC through a USB port. Just as the name implies, one can only expect to have nothing more than quality studio recording with the CAD U37.The U37 is used to equally produce both vocal and instrumental recording, it can also be used to produce voice overs for regular videos as well as recordings for podcasts creation. The U37 condenser recording microphone is well suited to both the Mac OS operating system and the Windows operating system. It works simply by inserting the U37 to the appropriate USB slot on a PC and you are good to go.


The CAD U37 is made up of normal sized condenser microphone element, this feature enables for proper and quality recordings. It also carries two switches just below the microphone element, right on the metallic casing.

The upper switch on the U37, allows for one to bring down the sensitivity of the microphone, such that loud sounds are controlled while recording. The essence of this is to enable clarity and quality in the recording of a loud sound. To make it clearer, as an example, you may want to record a loud instrument; in order to get quality and clear results, the upper switch should be made to sit on the “-10” position; on the other hand, if you want to record normal sounds or string instruments, the switch should be moved to the “0” position.

The lower switch on the U37 is used to control the amount of deep bass sounds the device picks up while recording is ongoing; it is also used to completely block or reduce external noise intrusions, such as wind noise etc. As an example, when normal recording is ongoing, the lower switch should be placed on the “Normal Bass” position, but if there is much ventilation noise in the room, then the switch should be place in the “Bass Reduction” position; this also helps to reduce low frequencies during normal recordings.


Flaw of the U37

When you plug in a U37 USB microphone, the device automatically sets itself to the “o” position. For a newbie in sound recording, this default might leave one making mistakes when recording different volumes of sound. Apart from this observation, my opinion still stands, the CAD U37 USB microphone is a great device for personal sound recording.

Comparing the Blue Microphones Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone

The blue snowball microphone is an equal delight when it comes to quality studio sound recording. Just like the above mentioned CAD U37, the blue snowball microphone equally delivers great unparalleled results. Due to its customized cardioid element condenser capsule, the snowball microphone is equally able to deliver crisp and clear sounds without the difficulty of repeated editing. The device is also compatible with both the Mac and the Windows operating systems, just like the CAD U37.


The blue snowball ice microphone features a customized condenser capsule which contains cardioid, a most appropriate ingredient for the crystal clear results the snowball ice produces. The studio recording microphone also comes with a desktop stand as well as a USB cable for direct plug and record, the CAD U37 on the other hand can be folded and used without a stand. The ice has a unique ability to pick up sounds clearly even when one is just a few meters away from the mic stand. Now that is one feature you will not find in some other USB sound recording microphones.


As much as the blue snowball ice microphone does really great work in producing great studio recordings, it equally has some not so good qualities. The microphone itself is very sensitive, in fact too sensitive and can capture or record the slightest noise intrusion; even when the mic is some few meters away from the sound source, it manages to filter in unwanted sound. The CAD U37 on the other hand does not have a much sensitive microphone and can easily filter unwanted noise on default.  The microphone stand is also a little too shaky and sometimes, I usually feel like it would not last very long. When you connect the snowball ice microphone to the computer, the power LED just stays on till you disconnect it; it doesn’t have a power off switch. When you compare this to the CAD U37, you will find out that it is a lot easier to turn off the U37.

Conclusively, both the CAD USB microphone and the blue snowball ice recording microphones sure do live up to their expectations when it comes to quality and delivery.


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