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Beyerdynamic T90 vs T1 Review – Which is the Better Choice?

When it comes to dissecting music to the barest minimum, nothing else does it better than a pretty good headphone. Music lovers would agree with me, that a good headphone is one with the ability to filter out the tiny bitty parts of the sound you don’t get to hear, just listening from regular speakers. The Beyerdynamic Tesla headphones series are known to give such quality production in the dissection and filtering of music sound. The Tesla headphones series, apart from their unique and aesthetic appearance, each have their special production abilities. On that note, which would you rather go for, the beyerdynamic T90 or the beyerdynamic T1? Here’s what you get from both of them.

Beyerdynamic T90

Beyerdynamic T90

Beyerdynamic T1

Beyerdynamic T1








The Beyerdynamic T90

The beyerdynamic T90 is definitely a hi-fi headphone like no other. It is an open headphone, best utilized in an environment where there is not much sound closure. The T90 has a high efficiency capability, due to its unique design utilizing the Tesla driver. When you put on the T90, it has the ability to create an ambience of non-isolation, helping you to feel closer to what you’re listening to. The T90 is actually one of the very few headphones with a low distortion sound capability; in other words, you hardly experience low distortion in the sound production coming from the headphones, irrespective of the quality of music you’re playing through the headphones, a special feature indeed.

Just like other premium beyerdynamic headphones, the T90 is manufactured in Germany; it has a soft head, silky in feeling, with good looking ear pads, which are made of microfiber as well as micro velours, a perfect combination for head comfort. When it comes to reproducing sound through a quality headphone, the technology induced into the production of the T90, has obviously made that a reality, something well appreciated by those who enjoy quality music. In essence, the introduction of a really strong magnet system known as neodymium, has made it possible for a clear break down of music sound through the ear pads; making it possible for one to hear emitting sound clearly and distinctly. When it comes to producing music sounds exactly, such as when it is done in a musical studio; the beyerdynamic T90 would sure fit this purpose due to its high efficiency in splitting audio applications; especially in areas of high sound performance. This has also been made possible by the huge 250-ohm voice coil attached to the magnet, meant just for a non-paralleled sound clarity and impulse increase. All of the above simply signifies the unique Tesla technology employed in the production of the T90, making it a really cool headphone.


Flaws of the Beyerdynamic T90

As much as the T90 may have immense quality sound emission when listened to; you would be surprised that this sort of quality is only enjoyed when the 250-ohm headphones is plugged into a similar high quality amplifier. Without the amp, the headphones would as well be less effective and disappointing. You can see understand this explanation better when you plug the T90 headphones into a computer, regular phone jack on receivers, iPod or iPhones; you will be surprised at the disappointing sound the phones would emit. The simple explanation to this is simply that a computer device, iPhone, iPod are devices with low powered amps and really will not be able to complement a 250-ohm headphone. So for your computers and other low-powered amps, try using a much lower powered amp (32-ohm) headphone.


Comparing the Beyerdynamic  T1

By comparison, beyerdynamic T1 is equally a unique headphone with a simple and stylish design. If you are all about noise cancellation, then the T1 is an appropriate headphone. Just like the T90, the T1 is equally a hi-fi headphone with as much qualities in sound precision and production. Unlike the T90, it is armed with an even developed Tesla driver, the performance of the T1 seems to rival other big studio production headphones. The T1 design style is a simple semi open circumaural design, a regular comfy shape for the perfect headphone. The initiation of the design style is simply to provide comfort during long listening sessions or duration.

Just like the beyerdynamic T90, the T1 is equally hand manufactured in Germany; the quality headphone is produced with a 600 ohm voice coil. Unlike the T90, which is produced with a 250 ohm voice coil, the T1 is given a much larger capacity for more volume enclosure, when sound is emitted; now that is power right? The T1 is bought with a metal storage case included, a not so common perk found amongst other headphones by beyerdynamic, including the T90. For those who like having extra features alongside their devices, this would sure be an interesting inclusion. To top it all, the T1 comes with a 5 year warranty (my only true reason for recommendation, if I have to at all).

The T1 is actually one of the very few open dynamic headphones to achieve as much as one Tesla, due to the introduction of a more developed driver and magnetic system attached to the voice coil. With this unique ability, the T1 can be amplified in a more efficient and easier way, a lot more than other beyerdynamic headphones. When it comes to detail and transparency, the T1 is known to emit more natural sound than other headphones like the HD800, such that you can hear distinct background sounds like rain drops, footsteps and so on; honestly, that’s what quality is all about.

So there you have it, even though there might be other features yet discovered by my assessment, I can confidently tell you that the beyerdynamic T90 or T1 headphones are both really great headphones, but which would you go for? The choice is yours.


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