AKG K240 vs ATH-M50 Review

Are you looking for studio headphones for your professional needs? Unlike ordinary headphones used primarily to listen to music, professional studio headphones have more advanced features to satisfy greater needs. A detailed comparison of the AKG K240 and ATH M50 professional studio headphones should help you settle on the better product of the two that is best designed to meet your mixing and monitoring needs.

AKG K 240
AKG K 240
Audio-Technica ATH-M50
Audio-Technica ATH-M50









The AKG K240

The AKG K240 professional studio headphones have a classic design, perfect for monitoring. It attains higher volume levels when in use with keyboards, portable studios, and drum machines, among other essential studio gear projects, thanks to its 55-ohm impedance which is lower, but new. Due to its professional performance levels, it can also be used in home studios. Open, clear, precise and natural audio is attained through the dynamic transducer and partly open-aire design integrated within the headphones. Optimal comfort and long listening sessions is realized through the around-the-ear design of the of the ear pads.

Stereo connections, high frequencies of up to 25,000 Hz and a single plug-in cable elevate the headphone’s functionality to the next level with increased reliability. The headband fits optimally and self-adjusts for more comfort, hence longer listening sessions. The headphones also come with an OFC cable that looks like screws. Its light weight renders it portable; you can move around with this headphone with so much ease. Featuring greater sensitivity and a wider yet dynamic range, the AKG K240 headphones replaced the classic AKG K240 Monitor.

The headphone’s popularity is attributed to the solid, balanced, smooth and articulate sound delivered in highs and mids. In addition to flawless performance, AKG has been in the professional audio market for over 55 years, developing a good reputation that is unique to the brand. A good understanding of premium audio, experience and expertise in the industry, great craftsmanship, and an exceptional design also adds up to the headphone’s popularity in broadcast and recording studios.

Used with portable or home audio equipment, the headphones are used by audio engineers and artists to develop marvelous mixes, albums and hit songs loved by many worldwide. Investment in the AKG K240 headphones guarantee higher returns. Precise response at all listening levels is realized through the headphone’s XXL transducer feature with varimotion diaphragm technology. The elastic yet thinner outward diaphragm delivers pure, clear and accurate audio in mids and highs with a powerful bass resonance. Sonic and emotional content is delivered through the transducers in 3D for realism.

The durability, strength and flexibility of the headphones allow them to stand the test of time; they can be used for live sound and DJ mixing sessions. The ear cups can be adjusted to fit your ears for comfort, hence long listening sessions. The detachable cable can be easily replaced. Moreover, you can use the headphones on one or both ears as you like. Warranty information for the AKG K240 headphones is not available.

The ATH M50

The ATH M50 professional studio headphones are designed for use with monitors. The headphones adopt the audio-technica technology to deliver precise yet exceptional audio during long comfortable listening sessions. Designed for mixing and monitoring in professional settings, the headphones have a collapsible design for storage, efficiency, minimal space usage and portability. The around-the-ear cups design can rotate at 180 degrees to allow monitoring from one ear. The ear pads with a close-back design are cushioned for optimal isolation and comfort.

The headband is not just adjustable, but is padded for greater comfort during long listening or mixing sessions. It also features an embedded adapter, coiled cable and a mini plug for enhanced functionality. The superior elements topped with the exceptional yet sophisticated audio-technica driver technology guarantees greater power handling, deep, clear and precise bass sound of noticeable high frequency, and elevated SPL capabilities. You can enjoy signal transfer at ultra-efficient rates, thanks to the headphone’s drivers with large 45mm-openings and neodymium magnetic systems. Just like the K240 headphones, warranty information for the M50 headphones is not available.

The ATH M50 headphones with silver and black finishes come with straight cables whereas those with white finishes come with coiled cables. Having enough product information available, positive customer feedback and more advanced yet powerful features, the ATH M50 stands out as a superior professional studio headphone to the K240 brand. Despite this fact, choose the professional studio headphone brand that fits within your budget.

The Final Verdict

Therefore, if you are looking for portable, reliable, comfortable, convenient and efficient professional studio headphones that deliver premium sound quality for mixing and monitoring purposes, go for the ATH M50 headphones. However, if you run a smaller studio or just starting out, the AKG K240 brand should come in handy. Whichever professional headphones for use in studios that you select, should meet your needs while reflecting your great personality and style.


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