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FIDUE A73 vs A83 Review

If you need a device that can deliver excellent quality music with comfort and style, you may need a set of earphones. Earphones can deliver great sound, as well as many features like call management and music control straight from the earpiece. Fidue makes two every similar earphones, but each comes with a few additional features that separate the two products. Let’s take a look at both, and see which one would be the best fit for your needs!

Fidue A73 Earphones


The Fidue A73 earphones are designed to fit over the wearer’s ear, for great comfort and convenience. This product is also designed to be comfortable during long periods of use, through an ear canal design.

The Fidue A73 is noise isolating, which adds quality to every listening experience. This product utilizes a dynamic driver for better performance, and delivers a warmer sound experience with mid notes. This is accompanied by 2 BA drives. Sound bleed is also reduced, to ensure you have a great listening experience every time.

This product’s jack is 3.5 mm and gold plated, for convenience. This is accompanied by a durable cableof 1.2 m that is resistant to tangles, as well as a microphone on the cable. This microphone allows you to take and make phone calls easily, and comes with buttons that allow you to skip songs and play or pause at will.

This product comes with double flange ear tips, which provide noise reduction for clearer sound quality. These ear tips come in sizes small and medium. This product also includes silicone ear tips in three different sizes, for your convenience, as well as a single set of sponge ear tips. Along with this is a leather carrying case to make transportation much faster with the Fidue A73.

More features of the Fidue A73 Earphones

  • 20 to 20,000 Hz frequency
  • 10 mW of maximum intput

Fidue A83 Earphones


The Fidue A83 earphones are very similar to the previous product, in that these earphones also are designed to be worn over the ear for extended periods comfortably. They also fit in the ear canal, for a closer and more defined sound.

This product also isolates noise, and comes with 2 BA drives and a dynamic driver for excellent sound quality. Unlike the previous product, the Fidue A83 comes with a 3D acoustic design for the chamber, which allows both drivers to work together for optimal sound quality. This product also comes with great imaging and accuracy. This product delivers bright sound, with vibrant base with minimum sound bleed. Middle and high notes also deliver excellent quality.

This product comes with a 1.3 m Extreme Audio cable, which comes with a 3.5 mm, gold plated plug. Unlike the previous product, the Fidue A83 does not come with a microphone. The cord is replaceable, so if you would like this feature you can purchase a separate cord and install it easily with this device.

This product comes with silicon tips in small, medium, and large sizes, for a great fit for every person. These earphones, like the last, also come with double flange tips in small and medium, as well as one set of medium foam tips. This is accompanied by a carrying case made of hard plastic, with a durable design to protect the Fidue A83 anywhere you go.

More features of the Fidue A83 Earphones

  • 9 to 31,000 Hz frequency
  • 30 mW of maximum input


Earphones are a great option for listening to quality music during your busy schedule. If you need a product that has microphone and call capabilities, as well as a tangle-resistant cord, and a leather carrying case, then the Fidue A73 may be the best choice for you. Alternatively, if you need a product that comes with a broader frequency range, higher maximum input, and a 3D acoustic design, then the Fidue A83 may be the best choice for your earphone needs. Both of these products deliver quality sound and durability, making either an excellent choice!

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