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FiiO E12 vs E18 Review

Looking for a portable headphone amplifier to carry around wherever you go? Are you spoilt for choice between two headphones designed by the same manufacturer or different brands? I hereby provide a detailed comparison review of the Fiio e12 and e18 to help you choose the right product. Read more before you pick the right portable headphone amplifier for your needs.

FiiO E12

FiiO E12

FiiO E18

FiiO E18









The Fiio e12

The Fiio e12 can resist wear and tear as it is designed to feature a body made of aluminum, making it very durable. It features a field simulation of sound coming from your speakers; this reduces your headphone’s ‘in-head’sound. Larger headphone amplifiers are designed for optimal power output at 850mW and a high power supply of 22V. Depending on the amount of charge available, the charging indicator blinks accordingly at high voltages of up to 22 V. It takes about 3 to 4 hours for the device to charge fully when connected to a laptop.

Connect the headphone amplifier to your PC and enjoy so much music for greater listening sessions. The headphone’s audio output features high end op-amp to eliminate noise and ultra low distortion. The amp-only lithium ion 3500mAh battery lasts for about 25 hours. It can also operate for 12 hours without stopping half-way. The Fiio e12 portable headphone amplifier comes packed with two optional USB adapters that can be used when connecting to other compatible devices.

Recharging is done manually. When the headphone amplifier is connected to devices running Android OS, music playing is converted fromdigital to analog audio conversation. Some of the Android smartphones which are compatible with the headphones include HTC One, and Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, or even Note 2. Connection is done either throughthe USB digital or OTG 24-bit laptops and PCs performing at a high definition rate of 96 kHz bit rate.

The Fiio e18

The portable headphone amplifier Fiio e18 is compatible with most devices running Android OS. When used with smartphones, your listening experiences and sound produced is taken a notch higher. They come with a small micro USB OTG cables, and USB DAC Amp for customized usage. Music is first decoded before amplification. With a number of songs in your play list, you can easily control the device remotely instead of using it on-location. Mobile devices can also be recharged using their mobile power supply.

Additionally, the e18 amplifier features an inline port for the purposes of linking with other players, hence configuring a dedicated amplifier. You can be sure thatthe power hand tool works beyond expectations and delivers exceptional results. Both the e12 and e18 models are lightand compact in designhence you are able to move to different places with so much ease.

Warranty information for both product models is not available. However, if bought from authorized dealers, you should be able to enjoy the benefits that come with having a warranty. For instance, faults resulting from manufacturing errors are fixed free of charge. If it is not possible to fix the problem, you might be given a new replacement. This is a great way for you to enjoy a peace of mind while using your headphone of choice wherever you go.

FiiO E12 or E18?

Although both headphone amplifiers are easy to use, they come with a simple manual to show users around how they work. The fact that they are compatible with many devices make them ideal for universal use, meaning whichever device you choose, you get to enjoy listening to your sounds from anywhere. They are also compatible with iPhone devices. Whichever model you select, you are guaranteed great listening times.

Therefore, all you need to do is select the headphone amplifiers of choice. The headphones to use with the chosen amplifier must be designed for comfort so that you can wear them for long periods without feeling any discomfort. The ear cups and headband should also fit for enhanced comfort. Available in various hues, select the color that suits your personal preferences and tastes.A color similar to that of your headphones is perfect for a matching look. The designs should also be ergonomic and appealing to your eyes.

Based on the detailed product information and features provided, you should be in a position to decide which of the two portable headphone amplifiers will work for you. It must have the features that will allow you to meet your specific requirements and needs. Although you can purchase the chosen portable headphone amplifier online, and have it shipped to you, you can also look around shops within your locality.

Last but not least, ask the seller to test the power tool to ascertain its functionality before shipping it to you.

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