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FiiO FH1 vs F9 vs FiiO F9 PRO Review

If you love having great music on the go, then you might be interested in a set of headphones. Headphones provide excellent music quality by using multiple drivers, sometimes in hybrid or crossover designs, to give your music depth and quality. FiiO has three very similar headphones that each come with a few key differences. Let’s take a look at all three, and see which would be the best fit for your needs!

FiiO FH1 Headphones

FiiO FH1
FiiO FH1

The FiiO FH1 dual driver headphones are a crossover design, weighing only 0.8 ounces, which provide excellent sound quality. Each headphone set comes with a 10 mm titanium diaphragm driver that delivers very deep bass. A Knowles armature driver accompanies this to provide middle to high frequencies with clarity.

These dual driver headphones are designed for over the ear use, to reduce slippage and keep wires out of your face for comfort. The FiiO FH1 also includes six silicone ear tips to help you get the best fit for your ears, and consequently the best sound. This product also comes with a carrying case that is waterproof, allowing you to have security while transporting these headphones.

This product does not come with Bluetooth capabilities, but the cables are detachable. The FiiO FH1 includes two cables for your convenience. One of these cables comes with a microphone, control buttons, and a single-end.The other is a balanced cable at 2.5 mm, made out of silver-plated copper for great sound and detail.

The FiiO FH1 dual driver headphones come with MMCX connectors, which make attaching the headphones and cords fast and easy. On top of all these features, the FiiO FH1 is certified for High-Resolution Audio, to further guarantee a quality experience and give you the best sound.

More features of the FiiO FH1 Headphones

  • Over-the-ear style
  • 20 Hz to 40kHz response frequency

FiiO F9 Headphones

FiiO F9
FiiO F9

The FiiO F9 headphones are very similar to the previous product, in that this product also weighs only 0.8 and delivers quality sound value. This product comes with three drivers, unlike the last, and includes a 9.2 mm dynamic driver withtwo BA drivers. The dynamic driver delivers deep bass and low notes accurately. The two BA drivers conversely deliver upper-middle notes and high notes with accuracy.

These headphones are High-Resolution Audio certified for added assurance of quality sound, just as the previous headphones are. These headphones also come with six silicone ear tips to help you achieve a comfortable fit, as well as increased sound quality. The FiiO F9 headphones also come with a waterproof case for safe transport during inclement weather, and provide protection against accidental drops.

This product also includes MMCX connectors to make switching between the two provided cables much easier. This product comes with a microphone and in-line control cable that has a single-end, for your convenience. This is accompanied by a 2.5mm balanced cable, which is also made of copper wire with silver-plating forbalanced sound.

Both sets of headphones and cables are designed for over-the-ear use. This allows you to worry less about your earbuds falling out. The FiiO F9 also comes with ripple-lines for added style and structural strength. The shell of these headphones has a plastic lining for security and reduced internal resonance.

More features of the FiiO F9 Headphones

  • Over-the-ear style
  • 15 Hz to 40kHz response frequency

FiiO F9 Pro Headphones


The FiiO F9 Pro headphones are very similar to the previous two products, in that these headphones are also lightweight and offer quality sound. These headphones come, like the F9, with three drivers. One dynamic driver for amplified bass and two Knowles BA drivers for great middle and high notesare included with these headphones.

Like the previous products, the FiiO F9 Pro headphones also come with MMCX headphone connectors. This allows you to switch between the two included wires quickly and easily. Just as the previous products, a 2.5 mm balanced cable and a single-ended 3.5 mm cable is included for your convenience. The single-ended cable comes with controls and a microphone for making easy calls. The balanced cable is made of copperwire that is silver-plated for enhanced sound quality.

Also similar to the F9, the F9 Pro comes with a wave design for added structural integrity. This is also accompanied by a plastic interior lining that helps stop interfering resonances. Like the previous products, these headphones are designed for comfortable, over-the-ear usage to preventthe earbuds from falling out of your ears.

The FiiO F9 Pro comes with additional accessories like those that the previous products included. Like the F9 and FH1, the F9 Pro comes with three sets of silicone ear tips at different sizes, as well as a waterproof carrying case. Unlike the previous products, the F9 Pro comes with three foam pairs of ear tips, as well as a neoprene water-resistant pouch. This gives you even more travel options than with previous products.

More features of the FiiO F9 Pro Headphones

  • Over-the-ear style
  • 15 Hz to 40kHz response frequency


Over-the-ear headphones are a great option for people that love their music, but also prefer the headphone cords to be out of their way. If you prefer a simple headphone experience, with dual driver capabilities, two optional wires, and a carrying case, then the FiiO FH1 may be the best selection for you. Alternatively, if you prefer a waved design on the headphone, with three drivers, and the same carrying case and two wires as the FH1, then the FiiO F9 is the best choice for you.

Further still, if you prefer a headphone set that comes with all the great features of the FiiO F9, but with three more pairs of foam headphone tips and a carrying pouch, then the F9 Pro may be the best choice for your needs. The F9 and F9 Pro have a slightly higher sound range, but all three products would make an excellent choice of headphones!

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