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Pioneer AVH-4100NEX vs AVH-4200NEX Review

With the right multimedia receiver in your dash, you can connect your smartphone to make calls, listen to music from files or the Internet, view video, and have your emails read to you. Let’s take a look at two top multimedia receivers from Pioneer to see which is best for your vehicle.

Pioneer AVH-4100NEX In-Dash Multimedia DVD Receiver with 7″ WVGA Touchscreen Display

Pioneer AVH-4100NEX

Pioneer AVH-4100NEX

The Pioneer AVH-4100NEX offers a lot of features like HD and XM radio, CD and DVD playback, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It has built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling or audio streaming. And it fits in almost any car that has dash space for its 7-inch WVGA display.

What are Android Auto and Apple CarPlay? Android Auto organizes information from your smartphone into simple to read cards so you have minimum distraction. MirrorLink works with Android Auto to help you get directions and make calls.

Apple CarPlay and SIRI Eyes Free let you talk to your iPhone to get directions on a map, make calls, interact with iMessages, and listen to audiobooks and music. The AVH-4100NEX has an external microphone that functions with the car’s speakers so you don’t even have to take your phone out of your pocket.

Besides these features linked to smartphones, this receiver also has aha and HD Radio. Aha Radio reads Facebook posts or tweets to you, gives you traffic updates, or lets you access thousands of audio streams. HD radio is subscription-free, or you can sign up for satellite radio through SiriusXM, Pandora, or one of the other services the AVH-4100NEX supports.

If you have passengers in the backseat, the AVH-4100NEX has a Dual-Zone option that lets them see or listen to different video (on a separate screen) or audio than the driver or front seat passenger.

It’s easy to control all these options with the multi-touch resistive touchscreen. And when you arrive at your destination, simply remove the faceplate for security and take it with you in the included carrying pouch.

More features of the Pioneer AVH-4100NEX multimedia receiver:

  • Has a 3.5mm audio-in port for connecting mp3 players or devices without Bluetooth
  • Covered by 1-year limited warranty (but keep in mind this model was discontinued)
  • Supports (at least in some functions) iDataLink Maestro





The Pioneer AVH-4200NEX is very similar to the AVH-4100NEX. The main difference we discovered was the addition of full support for iDataLink Maestro, the service that gives control over factory functions like steering wheel controls, voice commands, secondary display support, etc. The inclusion of this software allows you to use CarPlay and Android Auto through the same USB input.

Besides this single improvement, the AVH-4200NEX is packed with the same great features as the Pioneer AVH-4100NEX. It has Bluetooth for hands-free calls and audio-streaming. It works with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, letting you enjoy audio and video files on your device, send messages, and get directions and information.

Of course, the AVH-4200NEX also plays CDs, DVDs, satellite, internet, and HD radio, as well as the local FM and AM stations. You can plug in an mp3 player or other device to listen without Bluetooth. You can also plug in a USB drive or SD card because this receiver can play AAC, WMA, MP3, FLAC, and other kinds of digital files. It can even display JPEG photos.

As is usual for Pioneer receivers, the sound is very good indeed. The receiver supports 4 channels at 50 watts each. You can customize the equalizer to reproduce your favorite tunes to perfection.

As a bonus, this particular package includes a dedicated backup camera along with the Pioneer receiver. You can view the path behind you on the 7-inch WVGA screen in your dash.

More features of the Pioneer AVH-4200NEX multimedia receiver:

  • Covered by 1-year limited warranty (but keep in mind this model was discontinued)



You may find it difficult to choose between these two Pioneer multimedia receivers. They have almost identical features. In fact, later firmware upgrades to the AVH-4100NEX may have given it the full iDataLink Maestro capability that the AVH-4200NEX has.

Since the AVH-4200NEX comes with a backup camera, that may sway your decision in its favor.

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