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Sony MDRRF985RK vs Sennheiser RS120 Review

With advancement in technology, more people are becoming techno-savvy. This has heightened the use of various accessories available in the tech market, such as headphones. More people prefer listening to their favorite songs on the go. The many brands of headphones in the market don’t make the selection process easy for the end user. A detailed comparison of the Sennheiser RS120 and Sony MDRRF985RK headphones should help you pick the best.



Sennheiser RS120

Sennheiser RS120









Sennheiser RS120

The Sennheiser RS120 is a radio frequency(RF) headphone designed to use the wireless technology to relay sound into the ears. With an open yet supra-aural end, the headphone is lightweight, making it portable. The wireless headphones come packed with two re-chargeable AAA NiMH batteries, and a single transmitter that can be used as a charging cradle. Unlike traditional headphones with cables, the RS120 headphones are not cumbersome.

When linked to an analog system that outputs sound, like a PC, sound system or TV, the transmitter base relays sound to the on-ear headphones. It is designed to produce classic Sennheiser sound quality that is clear, well balanced, detailed, and has a bass response. In order for you to enjoy your watching or listening sessions for long, the headphone is padded with a headband for optimal comfort.

With the use of this headphone, you are guaranteed exceptional value and performance, thanks to Sennheiser’s years of expertise in engineering. The wireless headphone delivers top-notch sound reliability, and quality, not to mention its durability. Recharging takes place with the headphone placed on the transmitter base and ear cups in place.

The transmitter comes with a circuit that turns the headphones on or off automatically; this means that the moment a source of audio is put on, the headphones switch on automatically. The transmitter goes off about 5 minutes after the audio source is switched off. This helps preserve the battery power for a longer life. Use of the RS120 headphones come with a number of benefits worth noting.

You can enjoy great sound reception and experience of up to 300 feet without any interference of walls and ceilings, thanks to the wireless technology. On-ear design of the headphone and light weight also ensures maximum comfort for prolonged listening sessions. Other than producing exceptional sound, the headphones are easy to set up, meaning you do not need any experience or expertise to do this.

For clear reception that is free from interference, choose one of the three RF channels. The batteries have a long life of up to 20 hours before recharge. The headphone also features buttons for controlling volume, tuning and switching the accessory off or on. The 2 year warranty gives you a piece of mind, knowing that any manufacturing faults can be fixed free of charge.


Sony MDRRF985RK blends engineering, design and ingenuity to develop distinct headphone product for the ripe market. The brand focuses more on consistency in terms of materials used to make the headphones, craftsmanship and finely tuned details. This ensures that you only get to enjoy the pure intended sound optimally. The headphones and ear cups are designed to fit comfortably for longer listening sessions.

Sony MDRRF985RK headphones are designed to use either the Bluetooth or wireless technologies to relay sound being played. With the wireless technology, reception interference by walls and ceilings is completely eliminated. The noise cancelling feature ensures that you get to enjoy listening to the intended sound coming from the audio source; all other unwanted noise coming from the external environment are cancelled. This feature makes the headphones ideal for use in noisy environments, such train stations and during flights.

The extra bass sound elevates your listening sessions for enjoyable experiences. Compatibility with mobile devices ensures that you can connect your Sony MDRRF985RK headphones to your Smartphone and enjoy listening wherever you go. The headphone’s compact design and light weight makes it portable. You can carry it around and use it when you need to listen to your favorite songs. High resolution audio also plays a role in the production of clear sounds. Moreover, you can connect your headphone to the TV for personalized listening sessions.

The Final Verdict

Whereas the RS120 comes with a two year warranty, Sony MDRRF985RK headphones have a warranty that lasts a year. You can get your headphones fixed free of charge as long as they are bought from authorized dealers. Moreover, you benefit from a peace of mind, working with one of the best headphone brand without any worries. In this case, the RS120 has an upper hand because your worries are covered for a year longer.

These two headphone brands seem to be doing so well in the market. Sony MDRRF985RK headphones are quite versatile, hence can be used in a variety of environments, for instance, when travelling, engaging in sports, or just having a casual listening session at home. All in all, the specific wireless headphone you opt for will not disappoint. Go for the brand that you feel is capable of meeting your unique needs for a wireless headphone while reflecting your choice of style, personality and taste.


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