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YAMAHA DTX430K vs DTX450K – The Best Beginner Drum Set

Yamaha created their DTX400 electronic drum series especially for new drummers. Both the DTX430K and DTX450K come with the DTX400 sound module that offers several training modes for new musicians. Let’s take a closer look at both kits to see which one will be the best for you.

Yamaha DTX430K Electronic Drum Set

Yamaha DTX430K

Yamaha DTX430K

The DTX400 series was first released in 2012 by Yamaha, so it’s had a few years to prove its worth. The DTX430K came out in 2013 with the same DTX400 sound module and a few improvements over the prior drum kits in the series.

One improvement is that you can expand this kit by adding up to one more pad. It also comes with a real bass drum pedal and pad besides the kick pad that came in prior kits.

When it comes out of the box, the DTX430K has four 7-inch drum pads, and three 10-inch cymbals—ride, crash, and hi-hat. The hi-hat lets you play it half-open, and it does splash and pedal sounds, too. The pads have a nice feel so you don’t get tired playing. But note that if you want to practice rim shots, these pads aren’t able to do them. Take a look at the DTX450K described below.

The DTX400 sound module is all push buttons. There’s no LCD screen. It comes pre-programmed for 10 drum kits, which doesn’t sound like much unless you remember that an acoustic drum kit has just one sound, not ten. All ten kits can be overwritten or edited. Just use the USB port to download new ones.

Besides the ten drum kits, you’ll also have over 165 real percussion sounds, recorded in stereo, ready to use. Yamaha included sounds from some of their most popular acoustic drum kits. Besides the sounds, you’ll discover ten play-along songs and a metronome. You can add new songs or loop a part of a song until you get it right. Meanwhile, long-press the metronome button and the module will speak to you to tell you the current tempo you’re using.

The module has 10 training programs to help you perfect your technique and timing. Some of these include “Groove Check” that uses the number button lights to cue you on rhythm, and “Tempo Up/Down” which goes faster and faster as long as you can keep pace. “Part Mute” silences some of the percussion so you can hear and play others. Beginning drummers will appreciate “Easy Session” that lets you strike any pad in the correct rhythm just to build confidence and basic skill.

Setting up the DTX430K is quick and easy. You won’t need any tools to tighten the clamps. Attach everything and run the wires from the pads through the snake to the module. There are nine separate mini-jack ports to connect everything. You can use the USB port to connect to a computer or tablet. Plug in headphones for a quiet session and use the line in AUX port to bring in other music.

More features of the Yamaha DTX430K electronic drum kit:

  • Yamaha offers a 1-year warranty
  • No drum sticks are included


Yamaha DTX450K Electronic Drum Kit with Yamaha Drum Throne, FIRTH5A Drumsticks and JVC Full Size Headphones

Yamaha DTX450K

Yamaha DTX450K

With the DTX450K kit, Yamaha takes things up a notch. They include a 3-zone snare pad that lets you play rim shots, which is an important feature for many musicians who like rock and blues. Plus, this kit includes an adjustable throne, drum sticks, and full-size JVC headphones. You’ll have everything you need so you can literally start playing as soon as you unpack the box. You won’t even wake up the rest of the family.

Other than these new features, the rest of the drum kit and sound module is the same as the DTX430K described above. Check out that review for an in-depth look at the other details.

More features of the Yamaha DTX450K electronic drum kit:

  • Yamaha offers a 1-year warranty



If you’re new to drumming or just want to pick up where you left off years ago, an electronic drum kit is a wonderful item to have. They are versatile and easy to use in a setting where a drummer can’t practice an acoustic kit.

If you want the full setup, everything you need to start playing as soon as you unpack the box, get the Yamaha DTX450K kit. It has the full drum set, plus throne, plus sticks, plus headphones. Even better, it comes with a 3-zone snare pad so you’re ready to practice rim shots and more.

If you don’t need a complete setup, just the drum kit, get the DTX430K. Just remember that to practice rim shots, you’ll need to add a different pad.

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