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Bose CineMate 10 vs 15 Review

It’s time to enjoy films and TV like they were meant to be heard. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t have a cinematic experience. Bose has created these two elegantly minimal but beautifully powerful home theater speaker systems. Let’s take a look at them both to see which will be the best for you.

Bose CineMate 10

Bose CineMate 10

Bose CineMate 15

Bose CineMate 15









Bose CineMate 10 Home Theater Speaker System

The Bose CineMate 10 is a simple speaker system that will bring your viewing and listening experience to a new level. Put the 12-inch long soundbar in front of your screen and place the Acoustimass woofer anywhere you like. If the 9-foot cord isn’t long enough, you can order a 15-foot one from Bose.

Once you’ve wired the soundbar cable into your TV’s audio output jack, you can control the volume with the 4-button remote control.The remote control is very simple to use. It has a power button, volume up, volume down, and mute. If you would prefer a universal remote control, take a look at the CineMate 15 reviewed below.

When your CineMate system is set up and ready to use, you can shut off your television’s speakers because you won’t need them anymore. If you wish to adjust the bass output of the Acoustimass woofer, take a look at the back side. There is a knob you can turn left or right to raise or lower the amount of bass.

A handy feature built into the CineMate is that it turns itself off after 1 hour of inactivity. If you don’t want it to power down automatically, you can override this setting by pressing the power button on the remote for 6 seconds until the system beeps.

If you compare the CineMate 10 and 15 side by side, it’s hard to see what’s different between them besides the remote controls. Their internals are similar. The externals are what distinguishes them. The CineMate 10 has a fabric-covered front grill on the soundbar while the CineMate 15 has a metal grill. The fabric and the simple remote are the main reasons why the CineMate 10 is typically priced lower than the CineMate 15.

More features of the Bose CineMate 10 home theater speaker system:

  • Comes with digital optical, coaxial, and analog audio inputs so you can choose what works best with your television
  • Soundbar can’t be mounted on a wall
  • Although the CineMate 10 has been discontinued by Bose, it’s still for sale and may still be covered by a 1-year warranty


Bose CineMate 15 Home Theater Speaker System

It’s getting harder to find the CineMate 10 these days because the CineMate 15 is taking over. It has a very handy universal remote that can manage all your devices as well as a higher end metal grill on the front of the soundbar. The grill cover might seem like an insignificant detail but it affects the sound a little bit. Plus, it’s more durable and looks more expensive.

Like the CineMate 10, the 15 has a rich, powerful sound that turns TV shows, movies, and sports into a better experience at home. The bass rumbles during video game shootouts. The clear tones make it easy to understand speakers during the nightly news.

For such a great-sounding system, the CineMate is very easy to set up and use. Place the soundbar in front of your television and connect it to the audio out ports. These can be anything from analog to coaxial to digital optical because the system comes with all three choices.

The soundbar is already connected to the Acoustimass woofer that provides the base sound. The 4-element speaker array inside the deceptively small 12-inch long soundbar uses Bose’s TrueSpace technology to make it seem like you have a roomful of speakers.

The universal remote can be programmed for your TV, cable box, Blu-ray player, and so on. It comes ready to use with batteries in the box along with the soundbar, the Acoustimass module, the power cord, the audio cables, and instructions.

More features of the Bose CineMate 15 home theater speaker system:

  • Covered by a 1-year warranty from Bose
  • Free phone-in tech support from Bose for 60 days after purchase
  • Soundbar can’t be mounted on a wall



You may save money if you can find a CineMate 10 for sale. If you like the simple remote, the 10 has great sound.

If you want excellent sound and a universal IR remote that can control your TV, cable, and more, get the CineMate 15 and thoroughly enjoy your next evening in front of the television.


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