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HIFIMAN HE 400 vs Sennheiser HD650 Review

Although the market is flooded with headphones from different brands, they do not function in the same way or deliver similar results. A detailed comparison of the HiFiMan HE 400 and the Sennheiser HD650 should help you determine which of the two is designed for optimal efficiency and which for extreme comfort. Depending on your needs and reasons for looking for functional headphones, you will be able to make an informed decision.

Sennheiser HD 650

Sennheiser HD 650












Compatible with most mobile audio devices like iPhones, iPads and iPods, HiFiMan HE 400 is a magnificent set of headphones designed to use Planar Magnet Sound to deliver premium audio quality. A warm, fun and detailed audio experience is delivered through the headphone’s distinct signature sound. Despite the top-notch audiophile quality available to users universally, the headphones are more affordable. In fact, these are the best full-size headphones with great sound quality designed for home-use.

You can enjoy unrivaled soundstage for premium sound and a good sense of audio coming from the surrounding environment, thanks to the headphone’s open-aire design speakers. You can never be overwhelmed by the clear yet solid bass delivered by the headphones, but experience great memorable listening sessions. You do not need to buy amplifiers to use with the HiFiMan HE 400 headphones; this further lowers costs in the long run. It is so impressive to see headphones powered by small sources of power function powerfully to deliver premium sounds.

Whether you are a fan of hard or soft rock, hip hop, blues, classic, gospel or any other music genre, this set of headphones will surely WOW you. All your unique audio will sound detailed, balanced, and much fun like never before. So, why opt for this headphone model? The headphone has an oversized design to deliver extreme comfort, orthodynamic or planar magnetic drivers, compatibility with all music genres. Delivery of well-balanced sound of 93 decibels ensures that you get to enjoy pure sound experience.Warranty information is not available probably because the manufacturer has discontinued its use.

Sennheiser HD 650

The Sennheiser HD650, on the other hand, is a set of audiophile headphones designed to deliver natural sound for a truly memorable experience. Designed for optimal convenience and comfort, long listening sessions at home using this headphone is as good as attending live concerts. Its distinct design ensures that all your different needs are satisfied with just a single masterpiece. Enhanced for use with high-resolution audio recordings, HD 650 headphones deliver balanced and clear sound and come in an elegant titanium finish with a silver touch.

Although these set of headphones are made in England, they come bundled with a number of advanced features that elevates their use globally. The premium, open yet dynamic headphones come with a detachable cable used to connect it to audio systems. The cable is Kevlar-reinforced and made of OFC copper which is highly conductive. It’s borne sensitive to sound due to its low structure, giving it noise-isolating properties for optimal sound clarity.

Another great feature of this hi-fi stereo headphone worth noting is the magnetic systems made of ferrous neodymium to ensure excellent dynamic response and maximum sound sensitivity. The clear sound delivered with a touch of bass is spatial, exceptional and precise. Stationary hi-fi elements like DVD-A, SACD, and CD players are highly compatible with the HD 650 headphones, hence can be linked directly. The headphones also come with a 2-year warranty to give you peace of mind while using your set of headphones. The warranty covers free replacement or repairs of the audiophile headphone that results from manufacturing faults.

Both headphones are light in weight, hence portable; you can carry one around for use while travelling, working out at the gym, or even waiting to board a bus or train at the station. The two headphones also come in a number of finishes to select according to your personal tastes and preferences. Go for headphones that do not just reflect your personality and style in their finishing color, but also functionality. It’s only this way that you can have fun while using your pair of headphones while satisfying your needs.

You should also consider buying the headphone brand that appeals most to your eyes. Consider the designs of both the HiFiMan HE 400 and the Sennheiser HD650 headphones. Which of the two do you find attractive? Even so, which of the two headphones is designed for maximum efficiency?According to the manufacturer, the Sennheiser HD 650 is designed to feature powerful neodymium magnets to ensure that the headphone is highly efficient.


Although HiFiMan HE 400 also features a 92.5 decibel Planar Magnet for efficiency, it cannot match that of the HD650 headphones. However, the HE 400 headphones are designed for extreme comfort through their oversized designs. If comfort is of utmost importance to you, go for the HiFiMan HE 400 headphones for long listening sessions. But, if your needs or area of application requires high efficiency, the HD650 headphones should be your ideal choice.


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