Skullcandy PLYR 1 vs ASTRO A50 Review

Are you a fan of video games or movies and take your choice of gaming headsets seriously? There are many brands of gaming headsets in the market available for sale. Choosing the right brand and model for unmatched gaming experience is important. A detailed comparison of the Skullcandy plyr1 7.1 and the Astro A50 should give you a head start to select which of the two can meet your specific needs best. Read on to find out which gaming headset is superior to the other.

Skullcandy PLYR1

Skullcandy PLYR1

ASTRO Gaming A50

ASTRO Gaming A50









Skullcandy PLYR 1

Nothing beats gaming with the Skullcandy headset. Designed for use with premium home theatre for memorable gaming experience, the headset features Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound to attain optimal accuracy and the best gaming functionality in terms of sound, form and quality. Plyr 1 is designed to use 2.4 GHzwireless technology in relaying sound to your ears from the gaming system; this means that wall and ceiling interference is completely eliminated within a pre-determined range (2.4 GHz interference free spectrum).

You can use the Skullcandy headset with your playstation 3, Xbox 360 and even PC because they are highly compatible. The onboard voice balancing feature ensures that you get to hear soft and warm yet balanced sound while gaming. The ready to roll headset is designed for use with various platforms, hence you can use it right away after unpacking it from the box; it comes with every feature needed to connect to almost any gaming platform.

The Skullcandy gaming headset comes embedded with onboard controls to enable you manipulate your games or change movie settings without getting off your seat. Whether you are dealing with digital content from your playstation 3, Xbox 360, and DVD/Blue-Ray players, or analog inputs from your Dolby PL11x, the Dolby Digital 7.1 decoder comes in handy.

Surround Sound delivers immersive sound quality of high accuracy to ensure that you experience and enjoy your games or movies at their best, thanks to the Dolby headphone encoding feature; whichever direction your opponent approaches you from, you get to hear them loud and clear. Featuring a couple of sonic fidelity drivers in their best state, the plyr 1 headset is designed to ensure that your gaming environment is rich and close to reality as possible.

So, why invest in the Skullcandy wireless gaming headset? It is compatible with almost all audio and video systems, produces supreme sound quality, features a wireless transmitter, has an adjustable microphone that can be muted and works in three equalizer modes: supreme, precision and bass.

Astra A50

ASTRA updates and finely tunes its range of headsets with the evolution of gaming consoles to ensure that your wireless gaming headset gives you the great experience you deserve. Just like the plyr 1 headset, the Astra A50 comes in a black hue. ASTRA uses premium materials of top notch quality to attain superior fit and finish for an enhanced look. The Astra A50 comes packed with Dolby 7.1, EQ presets, 5.8 GHz wireless, over-the-ear design and flip-up to mute microphone to enable it deliver its functionality.

It is designed to use the cutting edge 5.8 GHz wireless technology by Kleernet to deliver one of a kind gaming experience; this also guarantees less interference and optimal sound clarity. The three equalizer modes, just as in the plyr 1 headset, are deployed to suit your varying needs for premium audio.

It comes with a uni-directional microphonethat isolates background noise from your voice to ensure that you communicate directly with your teammates. The headset’s light weight renders it portable so you can carry it around wherever you go. Prolonged gaming sessions call for comfort, and with the perfect fit and ease of adjustment to particular needs, you can expect nothing less. When not in use, the headset can re-adjust to fit well on its stand.

The Final Verdict

Both headphone brands have innovative designs to suit the different tastes, styles and preferences of customers. In terms of functionality and embedded advanced features, A50 is more superior.If you are in the commercial gaming industry offering services in gaming cafes, you should opt for the Astra A50 gaming headset. It will not disappoint. However, the plyr 1 is not bad either, and if you are tight on funds, you can consider buying it.

Both headsets ship throughout the U.S and select countries in other parts of the world, depending on your seller. Although warranty information is not available for both products, you must find it out from the seller before making any payment.

With a warranty, you can have peace of mind, knowing that if the headset malfunctions due to manufacturing faults, it can either be fixed or replaced free of charge. It goes without saying that your seller must also be an authorized dealer in order to benefit from any gaming headset warranty.


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