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Bose QuietComfort 25 vs QuietComfort 3 – Your Travel Companion

It is not easy to choose an ideal headphone in a market flooded with similar products designed for the same purpose by different brands competing for the same clients. When the headphones are designed and manufactured by the same brand, it becomes even harder to settle on a single product. A comprehensive comparison of the two headphone models by Bose should help you pick the one that best meets your specific needs.

Bose QuietComfort 25

Bose QuietComfort 25

Bose QuietComfort 3

Bose QuietComfort 3









Bose QuietComfort 25

The QuietComfort 25 headphones have been enhanced and re-machined for better comfort, sound and portability. It ensures that you get to hear every note being played clearly and music is not just powerful and deep, but well balanced. This means that any noise in the surrounding environment is subdued so that you can enjoy your music or the quiet and peaceful atmosphere created from the outside world. When travelling on air, the headphone completely subdues the plane’s engine roar for an enjoyable experience that is noise-free.

The brand, Bose, redesigned its best headphones leading the audio industry, using finishes and durable materials for enhanced quality. The headphones are very light in weight for improved portability, and feature ear cups that can be rotated at a greater angle for an enhanced yet comfortable fit. The headband is designed to feature a luxurious soft material that resembles suede to offer more comfort while ensuring it sits closer firmly on your head. Although you still get to enjoy your music even after the battery runs out, the sound is not noise-free.

The headphones also come with a compactly-designed yet portable case for storing the ear cups. With the application of distinct electronic elements and the enhanced noise minimization technology, you are able to listen and focus only on the sounds that matter to you, such as videos, movies, or even music. Noise produced in airplane cabins, busy streets or even train stations are blocked completely by these headphones. The ear cushions also help reduce external noise.

Designed by musicians aka engineers, the headphones are known to produce soaring vocals, ringing guitars, crisp drums and deep bass sounds that create a relaxed atmosphere for your peace of mind. Enhanced performance and the ability to listen to music for hours are enabled by the headphone’s  TriPort and Bose Active EQ technologies. Other than the area of application, the headphones are designed for use with Apple products, such as the iPod and iPhone. The inline remote and microphone allows you to easily interchange between your calls and music, giving you control over the devices while the headphone is in use.

However, the headphones are also compatible with many modern smartphones. Other accessories that come with the headphone include a single AAA battery, a case for carriage or storage and an airline adapter.

Bose QuietComfort 3

Just like the Bose QC25 headphone, the QC3 headphone is also a perfect travel companion. Differences between the two are mainly in the prices, features and accessories they come with. In order to enjoy a quiet and serene atmosphere, or enjoy the music you love, the QC3 headphones use the Bose Acoustic technology for cancelling noise to block all unwanted noise from the surrounding environment. Whether you are using the headphone at home, work or during your travels, you are guaranteed quality sound and audio performance. The over the ear configuration fit and soft ear cushions improve comfort for longer listening sessions.

The benefits of using the Bose QC3 headphones designed to cancel noise include, reduction of noise in abundance, lightweight design, exceptional audio performance that is balanced tonally to produce low yet deep notes via the TriPort Acoustic feature, active equalization for optimal audio performance, use of enhanced cushioning materials on the headphones to improve comfort while minimizing noise, and two audio cables used interchangeably; one for use with iPhones or iPods and another for general use.

Other benefits include inline microphone for voiceover, voice control and hands free call control on Apple products, and an inline remote with three buttons used to control voice applications, choice of track and volume, in addition to switching between music and calls.

The headphone comes with a storage case for keeping the headphone and its accompanying accessories when not in use, foldable yet flat ear cups that can be rotated at 90 degrees when being stored, a hands-free feature that allows you to pick incoming calls on your iPhone and manipulate either your iPhone or iPod through a remote or microphone bundled on one of the two audio cables, an airline adapter and a rechargeable AAA battery that lasts 25 hours with a lifespan of 500 cycles (QC3 has a better battery).

The Final Verdict

In addition to the accessories that come with the Bose QC25, the QC3 comes with a charger. Therefore, it is clear that the QC25 headphones are more superior to their counterparts in terms of performance. Choosing the right design and finishing color a headphone brand that showcases your style, personality, tastes and preferences is a plus. Remember that your chosen travel companion must also be budget-friendly.


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