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V-MODA Crossfade LP2 vs M100 Review

Noise can be quite a nuisance. Other than causing interference and polluting the environment, it can also damage the eardrums. Whether you live in a noisy neighborhood, taking a flight abroad or waiting to board a train at the train station, it is good to keep off noise using the right headphones. The V_MODA Crossfade LP2 and the M-100 are designed to isolate noise. A detailed comparison of the two headphones should help you choose the better model.

V-MODA Crossfade LP2

V-MODA Crossfade LP2

V-MODA Crossfade M-100

V-MODA Crossfade M-100









V-MODA Crossfade LP2

The LP2 is a noise isolating headphone made of metal with a black matte finish for durability and enhanced look, respectively. The headphone model is adored for its trusted sound, 6-star service, portable exoskeleton case, military-level quality, laser engraving and custom color. In order to attain its trusted sound, the headphone was designed and finely crafted by more than 200 editors, audiophiles, DJs, artists and musicians who have won Grammy awards.

They collaborated to design great features and fine-tune them over many years for enhanced performance. The passive noise isolation feature is designed to eliminate noise or unwanted sounds. The vivacious highs, clear mids, and vibrant bass is delivered by the headphone’s dual diaphragm drivers measuring 50mm and embedded on the inner and outer rings. With no digital-analog decoding, the headphones make use of neither processing nor batteries to deliver powerful yet clear sounds. Unlike most brands, the 2dB obsessive quality control ensures sound consistency.

Thanks to the concrete drop (a maximum of 60 drops on concrete from 1.5m), resistance to weather, Kevlar-reinforced Cable and steelflex headband (a maximum of 10 flat bends) features, you can enjoy great sound quality matching that of the military. The LP2 headphone is designed to withstand any environmental weather conditions, be it humidity, low or high temperatures, UV rays, or even saltspray. The more than a million cable bends and strain relief at 45 degrees is way above the standard set by industry (100 times more).

The laser engraving and custom color features are optional. With more than 10 metal shield hues and the option to select a logo or design of choice to be engraved on your headphone, you can choose to match your style, or even outfit for a matching look. The portable exoskeleton case has a compact design and is used to store your set of headphones. The case can be used with carabiner clips either on the inside or outside. Whether you are at the gym, travelling, gaming, working in the office, commuting, etc the portable case allows you to carry and use your headphones on the go. The casing’s VSTRAP system allows you to easily organize your adapter, cables, earplugs and USB flash drive, among other accessories.

The LP2 headphones also come with a universal audio cable, SpeakEasy microphone cable, and an optional BoomPro microphone to enable you make calls and even share music with your friends and family. The immortal life program, 60-day test drive and 2-year warranty make for a 6-star service.

V-MODA Crossfade M-100

The M-100 model features an over-the-ear design for comfort and a great sound signature, thanks to the highly-ranked M-Class audiophile modem. The headphone is time-tested and designed to an exotic masterpiece using timeless materials. Just like the LP2 model, the M-100 is developed by more than 200 professionals using modern technologies and innovations. For instance, the headphone’s distinct CLIQFOLD design enables you to attain compact storage. Unlike the LP2 model, you can enjoy music from more than one source in real-time by mixing, thanks to the headphone’s dual inputs.

You can easily communicate universally with different compatible devices because the M-100 headphone is embedded with a microphone found in the finely-tuned SpeakEasy cable. The SharePlay cable is what you need if you need to share your music with a friend or family. With the V-straps that come bundled in the compact case, you can travel with the headphone conveniently, knowing that your precious headset is safe.

The M-100, just like the LP2 headphone, is designed for durability, comfort, ability to customize to match your style, superior sound quality, portability, and the ability to share music with friends or loved ones.  The two headphones have similar features, capability and performance levels. Both can be used on the go and in environments where noise is a nuisance. Whether you want to listen to music or make a call, opt for either of the two headphones.

 The Final Verdict

Both headphones also come with unique innovative designs with enhanced appeal, making them likable. You will love the great look and functionality of these elegant headphones that have been designed and developed for the modern user like you. All in all, whichever of the two models should be able to meet your needs for a portable headphone with noise-isolating ability.


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