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Mpow H12 vs H17 vs H19 vs H21 – Best Mpow Headphone

Founded back in 2013, Mpow is a company using a combination of technology and art to bring to the market a wide range of cutting-edge personal audio products. During this time a lot of time and money has been spent on researching what customers want and need and how Mpow can make that happen. Now, with a plethora of different wireless headphones on offer, the real problem comes in deciding which model to choose.

Different people want different things from their headphones. While some people simply want a small pair of headphones that work well and won’t break the bank, others are looking for some that can produce the best sound quality and aren’t too bothered about what they look like or how much they cost.

To help you decide which product might be best for you, we’ll go through what some of the best Mpow headphones out currently have to offer and how they compare against one another.

Mpow H12

Mpow H12

The Mpow H12 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones were released back in mid-2019, so they are one of the earlier models on this list. But don’t let that put you off as they’re still an excellent pair of headphones.

In terms of sound quality, being fitted with 40mm drivers these headphones are more than capable of producing quality acoustics. The bass is clean and smooth even at high volumes, and background noise is filtered to give you a more enjoyable listening experience.  

And unlike a lot of budget electronics, the Mpow H12headphones actually feel durable and well made. The controls are all analog, but easy to use none-the-less. There’s a noise cancelling switch located on the left-hand side and the volume controls over on the right. The volume button also doubles up to allow you to manage incoming phone calls also. This is one downside to the H12s as too many features on one button can be a pain.

But, if making and taking calls is an important feature for you, then you’ll be pleased to know these headphones are equipped with a CVC 6.0 supported mic, giving you extra clarity by cancelling out some of the background noise.They’re also really comfortable to wear thanks to the memory protein earpads that molds around the shape of your ear, and the adjustable metal slider to fit the size of your head.

You also get 30 hours of wireless listening time per full charge.

Overall, the Mpow H12 are low in price but high in quality and functionality. But how do they fare against the others?…….

Mpow H17

Mpow H17

A slight upgrade from that of the H12’s, and released just a couple of months later, the Mpow H17 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones are another great buy for many reasons.

In terms of sound quality, both offer adequate acoustics and bass, however the H12 headphones are slightly better when it comes to noise reduction. As with the H12 headphones, to activate the noise cancelling feature simply flick the control switch located on the left earcup and use the right earcup to adjust the volume. Both models use the same CVC 6.0 microphone, and both are equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 technology.

One thing the H17 offers that you won’t find on the H12 is a “Rapid Charge” feature. This provides the listener with 2 hours of playback time from just a quick 10-minute charge.The overall listening time has also been improved by an impressive 50%, enabling up to 45 hours of play time in between charges

Another great upgrade the headphones have to offer comes in the form of comfort and wearability. While the H12’s are not bad in terms of softness and how they feel when wearing them, the H17’s are so comfortable you won’t want to take them off. The same great protein memory foam found in the earcups are also located in the neckband and outer earcups. The headband is better padded too and locks easily into position to ensure you get the best fit. 

They also feel slightly sturdier than the H12’s even though at 7.76 ounces, they weigh slightly less.

Mpow H19

Mpow H19

Another fabulous pair of active noise cancelling headphones on offer from Mpow are the H19’s. So, what upgrades are on offer here, you may wonder?

The Mpow H19 headphones offer the same great sound quality you’ve come to expect from both the H12 and the H17 models. They also offer the same enhanced noise cancellation capability (-32db) that’s featured in the H12 headphones but seemingly forgot about in the H17’s. And, you get the same CVC 6.0 microphone that can be found in both the H12 and H17 headphones.

One new upgrade to hit the product line is a new Bluetooth version – 5.0. This ensures a quicker and more stable connection to your Bluetooth device. And with a latency that’s under 60 milliseconds, there’s very little lag making them the perfect headphones for music, games, and movies.

In terms of comfort, all of the Mpow headphones listed here feel nice when wearing them, including the H19’s. You get the same adjustable headband and memory-protein earcups found on the H17 and the same good seal found on all models.

On the H19, the controls have been switched around so that the active noise cancelling button is on the right earcup and the volume buttons are located on the left earcup. There’s no enhancement on the battery either from that of the H17. Both offer a modest 30 hours of maximum playtime from one single charge. And both feature the same “Rapid Charge” capability.

Mpow H21

Mpow H21

If you’re looking for a top spec pair of headphones that are not only comfortable and durable but sound great too, then you’ve come to the right place. The Mpow H21 headphones are by far some of the best the company has to offer. Let me explain why.

As well as getting clear treble and bass sounds you also get the same upgraded level of noise cancellation found in the H12 and H19 – 32db). And the same upgraded Bluetooth that’s in the H19’s – version 5.0. The high-quality microphone is also equipped with the same CVC 6.0 technology to ensure a crisp sound every time.

There’s a much better battery life in the H12’s than has been seen in any of the other models. The 850mAh large-capacity battery provides up to 65 hours of playtime from just one single charge.

In terms of comfort and quality, this is still a big focus with the H21’s. They still feature the same super comfortable memory foam earcups with breathable padding.


As you can see from the above, in terms of specs, the Mpow H21 active noise cancelling headphones are by far the daddy of them all. While many of the features and functions are shared across all 4 models (H12, H17, H19, H21), this model has them all, and more.

They produce great sound, have good noise cancelling capabilities, are equipped with efficient Bluetooth, have a clear and crisp sounding microphone, and are some of the most coziest headphones you will ever wear. 

If you’re not quite ready to shell out for the top spec model, then the H19’s are also a very good contender that cost slightly less. You get most of the same of the same great qualities that are in the H21’s, but without the extended battery life. The same goes for the H17’s, but with this model you lose the more efficient Bluetooth and they’re not quite as comfy either.

Finally, the H12’s are suitable for the more casual listener. They still produce great sound quality and are still not bad in terms of comfortability, but they don’tfeature all the bells and whistles that some of the later models do.

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